ChalkWalk 2004


Matted 11 x 14 high quality prints of all of the chalkwalk murals for only $10.00 (+ tax) are available @ UFrameIt & the poster annex 8th & Liberty 814-456-1313

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"CelebrateErie Logo"
David DeAngelo
City of Erie

"Barrel Full of Monkeys"
Suzanne Matej
Tungsten Creative Group

Andrea Krivak/Michele Majczyk
Erie Port Authority

Bryan Dembski
ATA Karate for Kids

"Pennsylvania Dutch Design"
Karen Dodson
Beaumont Runner Technologies

"Marco Polo’s Kin-Sai"
Kevin Norton & Jen Dahl
Camille, Aaron & Zoey Crenshaw

"Colors Come Alive"
Meghan Ruscitto
Community Blood Bank of NWPA

"Café Terrace at Night"
Kelly Matczak
Erie Regional Chamber

"Very Old Road Kill"
Jesse Brace
Executive Pulse, Inc

Eric Grignol
Gannon University Schuster Program for the Arts

"Monet’s Waterlilly Pond"
Rich Holmgren
Erie Insurance Group

"Pennsylvania Barn Symbol"
Joe Popp
General Electric

"Woman In A Mirror"
Denny Morell
Arts Council of Erie

"Kandinsky’s On White II"
Katie Holmgren/Julia Ingalls
Mayer Brothers

Jodie Pelletier
USA Mattress

Rob Heutsche
Printing Concepts, Inc

Ashley Madigan/ Kara Langer
Schaffner, Knight, Minnaugh & Co.

"Summer 2004"
Lisa Wertz
Time Warner Cable

"Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix"
Jen Reinhardt
Infinity Resources

"Say Ahh"
Morgan Brace
Glass Growers Gallery

Maggie Dill

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