ChalkWalk 2005


Matted 11 x 14 high quality prints of all of the chalkwalk murals for only $10.00 (+ tax) are available @ UFrameIt & the poster annex 8th & Liberty 814-456-1313

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"Flora Donra"
Matta D

"A Different View of the Bayfront Bank"
Jennifer McLaughlin

Elisha Hodge
National City Bank

Jesse Brace
Abigail, Lily & Lauder Greenway

Morgan Brace
Abigail, Lily & Lauder Greenway

Marle Purvis *+ Downia Glass

"Paradise Bird"
Hetal Lala
Industrial Sales & Mfg., Inc.

R. David Pratte
Erie Business Center

"Plymouth After Sundown"
Julie Lord
The Plymouth Tavern

Emily Dopierala, Danielle Jones, Sean Whaling
Mercyhurst College

"Falling Water"
Stephanie Chase
Baldwin-Matczak Real Estate

"Live Music in Erie"
Bryan Toy
Schaffner, Knight, Minnaugh & Co., PC

"Le Pont Japonaise a Giverny"
Kelly Holland, Katie Colvin, Jenna Scutella, Ashley McKenna
Holland Dairy Queen Brazier

"Bazooka Joe"
Adam Bucceri/Catie Norcott
William Bucceri, Coldwell Banker Commercial

Meghan Ruscitto
Altman Hall Associates

"Cat Fish"
Chuck Benson & Bill Lechner
Erie Community Credit Union

"Shorhorse Blue"
Rena Zicarelli
Blair Corporation

"Eye of Eagle"
Chuck Dill
Dominick’s Eatery

Passle Helminski
Ronald W. Helminski, DMD

Nancy Dolan
PNC Bank

Ruby McCormick
Lamar Advertising

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